5 Ps for the Perfect Proposal

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Simply follow the 5 P’s in order for the perfect proposal.

…it sounds very obvious and patronising, however, you need to ensure that the person you are with is the one for you and that you want to spend the rest of your life with them. You have to be really certain of this before you even consider thinking of proposing.

Don’t rush into making the decision and only you can make it, you’re the only one who will know if it’s the right thing to do.


…call me old school, and other peoples thoughts may be different on this matter, however, I think it is extremely important to always ask permission before proposing to your partner.

There’s then the question of, do you ask the father of your partner? Or both parents? As a bit of a traditionalist I stuck to the father (which was slightly nerve-wracking and will come on to that in a moment), however, there are no set rules in this day and age so feel free to mix things up a bit. Whoever you chose to ask, whether it be one or both parents, I would always ask as I think it shows respect and politeness.

Ok, so coming back to the asking the father in law to be and how did I do this, I text him and asked to meet up at a ‘secret location’ (Ok, maybe the local pub isn’t so secret). We started talking and soon got onto the topic and task in hand, my heart was going at a rate of knots, however, there was nothing to worry about. As soon as I had asked the question it was followed by a quick handshake to seal the deal and it was all over.


…planning is key. You need to think about the where and the when. Do not rush into a proposal as there are many things to think about, consider and have lined up to ensure the perfect proposal, you only will have one shot at this (hopefully!) so make it a good one!


…now, something to consider very carefully is the place you are going to propose. Questions to ask yourself and things to consider are; do you bend on one knee at a place that means something to both of you? Do you want a private proposal? Do you want to pop the question in public? Will you require assistance with your proposal (i.e. restaurant staff).

Only you will know if your partner would feel comfortable in particular situations when it comes to the place you are planning on proposing so make sure you think long and hard about this as you do not want to propose in a location which may end up making your FiancĂ©/FiancĂ©e feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed when it comes to the time to ‘pop the question’.

I had all sorts of weird and wonderful thoughts when it came to deciding where I was going to propose; public places, places of our first date and ended up choosing to have a private proposal, something of which I feel was best for myself and my Fiancé.


…the price of the ring is something of which shouldn’t and in my eyes doesn’t make a difference, its the meaning behind the ring that is priceless!!

Good luck and I wish you a happy proposal!! 🙂

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Ben Dufton

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