5 Tips: plan a wedding in 6 months!

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“Liz Way is a guest blogger for SoonlyWeds sharing her experience of booking and planning a Wedding in the short time of 6 months! Read her top tips to see how she pulled it off!”

I got engaged at Christmas 2015 and walked down the aisle in July 2016. That gave me a little over 6 months to plan and execute my wedding – I am proof that it can be done!

So if you want a short engagement, or have been putting off those wedding plans and want to crack on – here are my top tips for planning a wedding in six months:

1. Start with booking a venue

This will be the biggest thing that will determine whether you can get married quickly as lots of venues are booked up way in advance. As I was looking for a summer wedding this part was particularly difficult. You may find arranging a quick wedding in winter a lot easier to get venues. Even though we went with a non-traditional wedding venue (we booked out a restaurant for a meal and a pub for the evening – maybe the content for another blog in the future) we were still really limited in dates for the actual ceremony. I remember naively calling the Town Hall where we were hoping to have our ceremony, and given two options for a Saturday afternoon ceremony for the entire year!

2. Be flexible with dates

Linked to the above you’ll need to be flexible about when you can get married. I rang the Town Hall with my five options and all were unavailable so I had to take the date they offered or put it off. If you have a set date in mind you may struggle.

3. Check the most important people can make it

Lots of relatives will already have made holiday plans or have other events booked in. Think about the most important people you need there and check they are available. I did a quick ring round to all immediate family and close friends to check they could all make. One important family member was on holiday and it nearly put me off but luckily he made some alternative arrangements to be there.

4. Start dress shopping!

You can easily get a dress within 6 months but your options get limited the nearer you get to your date. I started shopping at the end of January for a July wedding and some shops wouldn’t let me have an appointment as they couldn’t guarantee a dress would be ready in time. Some shops said they would charge me an additional fee to have it ready in short notice. However lots of shops were fine and if you go to any discount shops where you buy off the rack you will be fine. I was lucky enough to find my dress in a shop that custom made in the time available. Plus, a nice advantage of having a short time between shopping and your wedding is that you don’t have too long to wait to wear the dress!

5. Get organised!

There is quite a lot to think about and you need to start moving with most elements of your wedding straight away. Using the SoonlyWeds site was really useful as they list all vendors under categories, I even used the category list to check I had remembered everything. They also save you time searching the web as everything is listed under the site so I could easily find vendors I needed. Things like photographers, cars, beauticians and musicians will also get booked in advanced so make sure you get those booked in asap. I used a lot of friends and relatives for those aspects which meant they made me a priority 🙂

I would definitely recommend planning a wedding within six months. The short timescale means you aren’t waiting to progress with the next stage of planning and it’s great booking things knowing you don’t have too long to wait!

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Liz Way

A Strictly Come Dancing Lover, a fan of wine, cheese and all things yummy. I got married in just 6 months and had a perfect day!