Bridezilla or just organised? 5 top tips

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I am notorious amongst family and friends for being organised. I love to plan, I need lists in my life and the best present to buy me would be anything stationary related!

So, when I said yes to my now husband, I lived up to my reputation and started preparations the next day! See what to discuss early with your fiance in “Engaged? 5 questions to think about”

So here are my tips for being an organised bride:

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Buy a notebook

This wasn’t to fulfil my desire to own as much pretty stationary as possible, it was actually really useful. I bought a notebook that was small enough to fit in my handbag, and I kept it with me at all times. This meant that if I was at a wedding fair, walking passed a shop window or having a discussion, I always had pen and paper to jot down ideas. This was especially useful for us when choosing our music, we were struggling to think of songs but while in the car listening to the radio we would jot down songs as they came on.

Choose your wedding party wisely

This is a tricky one because there are so many expectations and factors to consider when choosing bridesmaids, groomsmen etc which I will discuss more in future posts. In terms of organisation, however, the decision is very important. The people you choose need to be able to support the bride and groom through the planning of the wedding, not just stand and look pretty on the day. Don’t be afraid to delegate jobs to your wedding party, finding suppliers (using SoonlyWeds obviously!) making favours, writing invites etc. The secret to a stress-free bride is a troop of efficient bridesmaids!

Create a Bridezilla file

The reason I call it that, is not my choice- my evil bridesmaids teased me about having a file and constantly referred to it throughout my planning process “oh god! The bridezilla file is out again!” They joked, but my big day went smoothly, I wasn’t stressed and everyone knew exactly what was happening and when. My file consisted of:

  • Contract from the wedding venue with a pay plan
  • Receipts and invoices from vendors
  • Guest list
  • Menu
  • Plan of the day- this was very useful to look through the morning of the wedding
  • Magazine clip outs for ideas
  • Copy of an invite
  • Budget plan
  • Samples of chair cover sashes
  • Emails from vendors
  • Copy of the table plan

I am a bit of an old-fashioned kinda girl and prefer a pen and paper when it comes to planning, however, a group chat using WhatsApp or Facebook is really handy while planning a wedding. A quick and easy way to pass around ideas, questions or daft wedding banter!


Saved the best till last? Maybe not! I know it’s a boring tip but in regards to your budget and keeping a handle on how much you are spending, you can’t go wrong with a spreadsheet – I got the hubby to do it!

So that’s my top 5 tips for being an organised bride-not a bridezilla despite what people may call you.

Jen Green

Jen Green

Game of Thrones mega fan, a massive bookworm and co-founder of SoonlyWeds. Married at a young age so I enjoy advising other couples and sharing my experiences.