It started with a ring

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It was my 21st birthday; all of my friends and family had turned out in their finery to attend a boat party on the river Aire in Leeds. My boyfriend of 5 years (yes- we were 15 when we first started seeing each other) had supported me in the planning and organising of the biggest bash of the year. The prosecco was flowing, the music was playing, the nibblers were nibbling and then all of a sudden the music stopped. My Mum (a few sips too many) started to deliver a speech that was supposed to be heartfelt and complimentary to me but resulted in me being embarrassed and uncomfortable, especially when she asked me to stand next to her while she addressed the party guests. She then stated that Nathan, my boyfriend wanted to say a few words. I was so focused and relieved that my Mum had stopped talking I had hardly noticed that Nathan was making his way onto 1 knee! In that moment the world stopped, I couldn’t hear or see anyone else other than him, and struggled to keep it together enough to utter the word- yes!

Engagement Ring

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From then on, the next 16 months were a whirlwind; there were tears, laughter, stress, elation but mostly a lot of fun. Wedding planning came naturally to me, I loved it, and I can’t say it was easy but I really did enjoy it. I will save the planning adventures/stories for blogs to come, but one of the best things to come out of those 16 months was SoonlyWeds…and the wedding of course!

Nathan and I were researching different wedding vendors; he was looking for transport, me-hair, and makeup artists. I turned to him and said, “I wish there was a Google for wedding vendors, a search engine that you can enter what you need and in what area”. Nathan, being a website designer and a wannabe entrepreneur said, “I’ll make one”. Now… Nathan often talks about new initiatives and ideas that he would like to develop to leave his mark on the world, but usually, he gets too excited about yet another idea or thought and nothing comes of it. Soonlyweds was different; this time it wasn’t just him, who wanted to invent something, it was the both of us, and the best thing was we were a newly engaged couple, our target demographic!

Soon after, SoonlyWeds was born! We had a basic search engine website and vendors wanting to be a part of our new venture. Our numbers kept growing and growing, resulting in Nathan wanting to constantly improve the site, which has developed into the site we have today.

Now, we are married, (plenty of stories to tell in future blogs on that experience too!) and SoonlyWeds is growing every day. We now have over 500 Vendors, a regularly updated website, 1000s of visitors and now of course- a new blog!

Jen Green

Jen Green

Game of Thrones mega fan, a massive bookworm and co-founder of SoonlyWeds. Married at a young age so I enjoy advising other couples and sharing my experiences.