Pre-Wedding Tips

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The night before and the morning of your wedding can be an emotional roller coaster, one minute you’re on cloud nine, the next, you feel anxious, worried and even maybe some last minute doubts. Here are some top tips to help brides and grooms relax and prepare for the “I do’s”.

The Night Before
1. Prepare/plan

I am a bit of a serial organizer, but for me, it helps me relax and I believe it would help settle even the scattiest of couples. Take time the week leading up to and the night before preparing your wedding accessories:

  • iron the shirts
  • polish the shoes
  • gather together jewelry, headpieces etc
  • pack any luggage
  • ensure you have important numbers stored i.e. florist, caterer etc.
  • set your alarm clock!
  • groom anything that needs grooming
  • have a timetable for timings/key events of the wedding morning
2. Plan to do something enjoyable/relaxing the night before

I’ll be honest, the night before my wedding was horrible, family drama to the max, it’s a night I will never forget but will always resent. As a result, I understand how important a stress-free night is, and how vital it is to do something enjoyable. Here are some suggestions:

  • A night with your girls or boys- spending the night before, with your squad is a great way to unwind and build excitement for the following day. My ideal would have been a night in, watching my favorite chick-flick, takeaway, couple of glasses of fizz and…my girls
  • The last supper- some families chose to have a meal together the night before, wishing their loved one all the best as they enter married life.
  • Last night as fiance and fiancee- we are in the 21st century, gone are the days of rules about not seeing the bride/groom on their wedding day. If you want to spend the night with your betrothed- do it!
  • Pamper yourself- this will be even easier if your venue has the facilities on site, but a relaxing spa afternoon or treatment would be a luxurious way to unwind before you walk down the aisle.
  • Party! this wouldn’t be my choice, and in my opinion, it’s a bad idea but having a good night out is some peoples way of unwinding. If this is you, then go for it! Just be prepared for any repercussions the next day in the form of a bad head or tired eyes!
3. Early night!

pretty simple, everyone feels better after a solid 8 hours, so get your head down at a decent time to ensure you have all your energy to party the following day.

Early night

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The Morning
1. Get up in good time

You know that feeling when you sleep in for work, and you rush around getting dressed and racing to work? Well, imagine that on a much larger scale and a million times more stressful. Ensure you set an alarm that will give you plenty of time to leisurely prepare for your day. Ladies, if you have booked a wedding beautician ask them advice on how long they will need with each client, this will give you an idea on when you need to rise and shine!

2. Eat something!

Even if nerves are getting the better of you ensure you line your stomach with something. I stayed at the hotel I was getting married in the night before, and whilst the rest of my wedding party ordered full English, I ordered the continental option of croissants, hams, and cheese, allowing me to pick and nibble throughout the morning.

3. Surround yourself with people who help and support you

I am quite an anxious person, and therefore I ensured I surrounded myself with people who would keep me calm and support me if I needed it. I gave one of my bridesmaids the job of answering the door if anyone came and not allowing them past the threshold! Seems extreme but it’s what I needed.

4. Take a minute

Whether it is in the car on the way to your venue, in the shower, or stood in your wedding dress in your bedroom, just take a private minute to reflect. Take some deep breaths, collect your thoughts and prepare for the most important walk of your life…


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