Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Wedding

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Me and the Hubby love being outdoors, we love camping, walking, climbing, and generally getting close to nature, so the choice between an indoor and outdoor wedding was a tough one.

Here are my pros and cons of an outdoor wedding which ultimately swayed our decision to indoor:

  • Opportunity for beautiful scenery
  • Allows a blank canvas for decorating to suit your style and taste
  • Opportunity for unique venues i.e. farms, barns, marquees
  • Amazing photo opportunity
  • Animals can be included in the wedding
  • No restrictions of space
  • Could provide an unforgettable wedding for being so unique!
  • Could be cheaper compared to a grand wedding in a castle!
  • An outdoor wedding may create instant sentimentality if  at a place that is special to the happy couple

Camp Katur Wedding

  • Typical English weather letting you down
  • Some hotels charge you for the outdoor AND the indoor space in the event of bad weather
  • Creepy Crawlies
  • Needs to be registered to allow weddings
  • Long dress = potential dirty dress
  • Cloudy weather could affect photos
  • May restrict accommodation for guests
  • Organising could be more complex as you would literally need to provide everything from flooring, to chairs, to tables wear, to lighting)
  • Sound can be lost in a big open space, some guests may not be able to hear the main event from the back row

I would have loved an outdoor wedding, but when it came down to it, I was too much of a wuss to take the risk. However, some venues can create an outdoor style wedding without being back to basics in a field! An amazing example of such venue would be Camp Katur in Bedale Yorkshire.

I discovered Camp Katur when they registered with SoonlyWeds, and decided to plan my best friends hen weekend at this beautiful venue as she was an adventure thrill seeker. We booked a safari tent that slept 8, which provided a perfect balance of comfortable amenities but being based in the wilderness. The tent had a large dining table, a kitchenette, sofas, beds, log burner and outdoor bbq- hot running water was a bonus too! Our weekend consisted of a high ropes adventure course, a night of fine dining in a bbq hut and relaxing in the economic spa!

If I could plan my day again I would definitely consider this beautiful and unique venue! SoonlyWeds <3 Camp Katur.

Camp Katur Wedding


Jen Green

Jen Green

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