Rainy Wedding- not the end of the world!

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Lots of people grow up with an idea of what their wedding will be like one day… but not me. When my boyfriend at the time proposed it was perfect, but when it came to wedding planning we didn’t have a clue where to start! After quite a bit of discussion we decided that, although we loved the idea of a summer wedding, unpredictable weather and high cost meant it was a bit risky. We decided to go for a winter wedding, and our favourite time in winter is December, with all of the excitement running up to Christmas, the best food and drink (I’m referring specifically to mulled wine here!) and, we thought, less of a chance of rain. I’d originally assumed December weddings would actually cost more… I thought they’d be fairly popular but I turned out to be completely wrong. The majority of venues we looked at had flat winter discounts, regardless of when you had the wedding (maybe except Christmas and New Year’s Eve!).

Once we’d decided to go ahead, thinking of winter themes and Christmas touches turned out to be really fun. My husband took to the planning like a duck to water, and handmade all sorts of crafts to make the day extra special. We booked a cosy but modern pub in West Yorkshire, where most of my friends and family still live, and requested hot chocolates and mulled wine at the reception, plus all sorts of little extras to give it a real warm and cosy feel. I was, frankly, less enthusiastic about some of the details of the planning, so I was incredibly lucky that my fiancé loved it so much! One of the most difficult things that I found was that, when researching, so much of the ‘inspiration’ linked to Pinterest sites; although there are some beautiful photos and ideas on there, it didn’t really help us with the practical buying of things. During our planning, my best friend and her husband started building the SoonlyWeds website which gave someone like me (who was a bit tired of traipsing around the internet to find everything) a single place to find a lot of our details, like the chair covers and sashes. It was a bit of a godsend!

After a year’s planning, we finally got married on the 12th December 2015. It was the most perfect day apart from one thing… the weather! As (bad) luck would have it, in true British style it hurled it down ALL DAY; there wasn’t a single break in the rain. Fortunately, most of our guests didn’t turn up complete sodden! The only relief was that we had planned an entirely indoors wedding, so it really didn’t affect the day at all… in fact, it probably went a long way to making the whole thing feel cosy! If we had settled on a summer wedding, I imagine we would have felt very different indeed!

Whatever time of year you plan a wedding, making sure it’s individual to yourselves, the people actually getting married, is the most important thing. It sounds easy to say, but it can be really easy to get swept up in doing things “properly” or how family and friends expect you to, but just go with your own style and you’ll be guaranteed to have the perfect wedding that you’ll cherish for the rest your lives.

Alice and her New Husband!



Alice Brain

Alice Brain