Vintage VW Campers

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Get me to the church on time!

As a little girl, I watched Cinderella and was in awe, not only the dress she wore but loved the part when the pumpkin turned into a carriage, I mean wow! And if you’re looking for a fairytale style wedding I can see how a horse and carriage would be really tempting. But at the same time, there’s nothing more off-putting than a horse doing its business as you take your first journey as a married couple. For me, I left the choice of transport to my fiance, and there was only one choice he could go for – a vintage VW campervan.

We love VW campers, so much so that we have decided to dedicate this blog to one of our SoonlyWeds vendors, Vintage VW campers – view their website here. Although we didn’t use them for our wedding (because they are based in Scotland) they are a fantastic company who share our love for the vintage van and treat us really well when we hired one of their vans soon after our wedding.

We hired “Lola” for 3 nights and toured the highlands visiting some of Scotland’s most beautiful sights and towns. From the calming waters of Loch Lomand to the heights of Ben Nevis, Lola chuckled along and became a famous attraction herself. People would wave as we drove by, crowded her as she rested, and snapped her as if she was a celeb.

The owners of VW campers, Ishbel and Richie were also lovely, very welcoming, informative and have been loyal SoonlyWed-ers ever since.

I would highly recommend this beautiful mode of transport to engaged couples, and especially Vintage VW Campers if you’re getting hitched in Scotland. Or, do what we did and escape to the highlands in either, Lola, Oor Wullie, Blondie or Ziggy for a mini-moon, You’ll need to re-energise and relax after a whirlwind of planning, drinking, eating, dancing and betrothing! SoonlyWeds loves Vintage VW Campers

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Oor Wullie and Lola!

Jen Green

Jen Green

Game of Thrones mega fan, a massive bookworm and co-founder of SoonlyWeds. Married at a young age so I enjoy advising other couples and sharing my experiences.