What do do with your dress, after the big day…

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Whether you’ve spent ¬£50 or ¬£5,000, your wedding dress, in my opinion,¬†is one of the most vital parts of the wedding day, especially for the bride. To me, the bride is the centerpiece to the whole day and therefore obviously the dress is an important accessory to that. But after the big day, once the champagne is flat¬†and the flowers are wilting, what happens to these beautiful statements that brides spent time, effort and money deciding on? Well, I have had a think and come up with some suggestions…

  1. Just keep it

Most commonly, brides will just keep their dresses for sentimental value, and store in the attic/loft. However, this isn’t the desired place to store dresses apparently, as attics tend to be damp, humid and prone to insects or other animals. But, let’s be honest the majority of us don’t have other options do we, however, there are things we can do to preserve our dresses. We need to get them dry cleaned for a start, it is pricey (that’s why I haven’t¬†got round to doing mine yet, over 2 years later!) They then need a special box, one that is an appropriate size for your dress, with acid-free¬†paper to cover it. Make sure that you store your accessories separately as that can cause damage to your dress too. This all seems like a lot of effort but I bet it’s really worth it when you take your dress out 20, 40, 50 years later and it still looks as good as when you first wore it down the aisle #nostalgia

         2. Generational photo

So, linked to the suggestion above, if you preserve your dress well you will have lots of fun playing dress up with generations to come and snapping some beautiful memories.

Wedding Dress Generation

      3. Frame it

Me personally, I find this a bit spooky! I’d be walking to the toilet in the dark and think a ghost had appeared- but that’s just me. I do, however, think that in the daylight this option is really beautiful, so maybe I’ll do it and place it somewhere in the house I’m unlikely to see in the dark, we’ll see.

Wedding Dress Frame

    4. Wreck the dress

I think this would be so fun! There are lots of things you could do with this suggestion…

  • A paintball fight
  • An underwater photoshoot
  • A horror photo shoot
  • A beach scene photoshoot
  • Dance in the rain
  • Sponsored¬†run

The possibilities are endless really, make sure you are 100% before you go through with it and make sure you hire a photographer so you can create some new memories.

Wedding Dress WaterWedding Dress Colour

Wedding Dress Water

       5. Make something new.

you could get your dress altered/remade into a dress that you could wear for other occasions (probably not someone else wedding though). Or, you could use your dress to make a christening/celebratory outfit for your little ones.

      6. Wear in forever

Some may find this one morbid, I think it’s romantic. My Grandma has decided to¬†be buried in her wedding dress so she can wear it forever…

If you are reading this and haven’t even bought your dress yet, never mind thinking about what to do after with it. Then read my blog¬†All About The Dress


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